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"If you talk to a man in a language he understands,
that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart…”

Nelson Mandela

The role of a translator is both fascinating and complex. Communicating with The Other is even subtler than it seems. It implies understanding the language, the culture and the way of seeing and relating with the outer world of each person. Behind the language we all have a group of believes and experiences which need to be taken into account at the moment of interpreting and getting a message in a complete form so as to be able to totally communicate it to the other language, in an attempt to keep harmonious and warm channels of interchange between different language speakers.

Globalization has turned communication of people of different cultures into something usual, something connected to constant challenges of professionals of all areas of industry, becoming a crucial feature of professional as well as of personal development.

As a bilingual communicator, I have committed myself to assist in linking different worlds, cultures, people through understanding, interpreting a piece of communication and translating it into the other language.

Based on this moto, VDG attempts to provide with all solutions and tools that may enable our customers to close, achieve business projects, paperwork, conversations among other situations that may arise at any given professional activity.

Verónica Della Giustina


With an accurate knowledge, VDG Traducciones is capable of translating to and from English and Spanish diverse types of documents in an on-time manner within special budgets.
Legal | Technology, advertising, marketing
VDG offers on-site interpretation for a wide range of situations with the better technique for each circumstance.
Simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, conference calls are the most common techniques applied by VDG Traducciones assuring that your people and information are in good hands.
Whispering | Consecutive | Simultaneous | Escort Services
In order to ease and assist you on paperwork procedures for relocating in Argentina, we offer to carry out procedures to obtain Visa, certificates, permissions among others at highly convenient times and costs.
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