Sworn translations of various documents and legal instruments.

Some of the documents that fall into this category are as follow:
  • Certificates, such as Birth, Marriage, etc.
  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Judicial Sentences
  • Passports
  • Wills
  • Trademarks
  • Agreements
  • School/University Degree Transcripts
  • Criminal Records Register Certificates
  • Among others



VDG Translations shows a list of all this non-legal translations:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • IT presentations
  • General knowledge articles
  • Websites
  • Brochures – catalogues
  • Financial reports
  • Press releases
  • Journals
  • Telecommunications
  • Among others



VDG counsels companies into Argentine’s procedure for expatriation of personnel. The type of paperwork you can trust to VDG is widely varied. It ranges from Visa applications to Driver's Licenses among others.


VDG offers different interpretation techniques which vary in accordance to the special situation in which it is needed: Interpretation in interviews, conferences, meetings, phone calls, video conferences.


This special mode is highly recommended when only one or two listeners do not speak the language of a conference, course or any other act of communication in which listener is not planning to speak himself.

Whispering technique is carried out by the interpreter sitting next to the person and whispers everything in a simultaneous form.


This type of interpretation puts the interpreter to take notes on what the speaker is saying which should not exceed 15 minutes. Next step is the interpreter rendering the talk into other language.

This service is highly recommended for negotiations or meetings in which host does not want to organize a booth for a simultaneous form.


This other special mode means that the talk is being interpreted simultaneously as it is being delivered. To properly carry this form out it is necessary to set up a booth with proper audio equipment.

This mode is recommended and used for conferences that are usually interpreted into more than one language by more than one interpreter.


This service mode is specially used for tours, interviews, in which the interpreter accompanies a person or a delegation and carries out consecutive or simultaneous interpretation depending on the situation.


in Argentina

In accordance with Argentina’s Law, foreing companies need to be registered so as to:


Appoint a local domicile as well as to incorporate a local company

VDG offers bilingual counselling services for celebrating legal documents and paperwork required for the proper registration of the company.


in Santa Fe

Language training is orientated to the specific and individual needs of the student. It helps you to reinforce your language skills, to discover weak points and develop new aspects in the oral and written communication.


VDG designs customized language learning programs so as to:

  • Negotiate in a foreign Language
  • Achieve a bilingual capacity to reach national and international business objectives.
  • To launch your brand to the international scenario.
* A Certificate of Attendance is given at the end of each program

Language learning by playing is the most relevant technique used for helping kids to communicate orally.

This special service is available in the City of Esperanza, Santa Fe. It is offered by Translator Victoria Perren – Graduate of the Literary and Technical-Scientific Translator of English at the Higher Institute of Teachers No. 8 Almirante Guillermo Brown in the Province of Santa Fe – Argentina.